Time on Device: The Problems and Solutions, What Are They?

Casino operators frequently are concerned with time on device, and how to increase it. First, we have to look at the factors that decrease time on device. As pointed out in the October issue of Casino Journal, technology has had a significant negative impact on time on device.

“Gambling games are an exercise in losing math, so when the pace of math is applied at faster and faster rates, players are going to lose quicker if hold percentages remain constant.”

Aside from a closer examination of hold percentages and implementation of skill-based games, as pointed out in the article, what other factors can casino operators tweak to increase time on device? Why might a player leave the slot machine other than monetary issues?

Consider a player’s incentive to play in the first place, which is a promotion or drawing. Lets say a player is required to be a “top tier” level player before entering a promotion or placing entries in a drawing. Typically a player would need to leave their spot at a slot machine to seek out a device (such as a kiosk) to check their current ranking, and see available promotions.

With “MGT on Slots” players are able to see their real-time rank position, plus the available promotions and drawings they are already qualified to participate in. In addition players are able to redeem their points and update account information, without leaving the slot machine or stopping play. So, while some technology has set back time on device, other advances can also hold the solution to the problem itself.