Promo Game Apps are different than the typical MGT Games. Games are “visual aids” that deliver a prize based on a pre-defined set of rules in the MGT PROMO Manager software.  Promo Game Apps are “interactive choices” for the patron and those choices influence the outcome of the promotion and their chance of winning a prize.  The Promo App Module is the software tool required to release control of the game to the patron and allow for choices to be made.

Several Promo Game Apps are currently available in the MGT Promo App Catalog:

  • UGUESS – Patrons can compete in contest promotions guessing the right answer (or close to the right answer) to any question. For example: How many jelly beans are in the jar?  What is the price of this showcase to the closest dollar amount without going over?  Which horse will win the Kentucky Derby?
  • UPICK Patrons can pick a prize from a predefined pool of prizes or pick which drawing to enter.
  • Group Participation – Virtual events where patrons can select a “winner” and share in a defined prize pool.
  • Instant Winner – Virtual event with an encrypted code where patrons can enter a guess to unlock the code and instantly win a prize.  For example:  enter the combination to the safe, or a memory-match game.
  • My BINGO – Individual Bingo games where you set the games and the prizes.  No labor and no equipment are required to run the games.  Patrons gamble on slot and tables to earn ball draws.
  • Game Board – Patrons choose an avatar and gamble on slots and tables to move through the game board adventure.  Every time the avatar lands on an interactive square they win a prize and continue each new day from where they ended on the prior trip.
  • Collect-n-Win – Patrons collect stamps for good behavior.  You set the rules on how they qualify and collect stamps:  visits, gaming activity, hotel stays, non-gaming purchases or any other qualifier can be applied. Once the patron completes the card, a prize is instantly delivered.
  • Spell2Win – similar to the familiar game of “Hang Man”.   You set the rules for earning “letters” and the patron attempts to fill in the blanks to complete the phrase.