Casino Kiosk Software

Reward The Right Player With The Right Reward.

Our flagship software (MGT PROMO®) allows casino operators to take control of their promotions. MGT PROMO® is a platform that allows you to create, automate, and schedule all of your current and future promotions. The only limit is your imagination.

Casino Drawing Software

Say Goodbye To Paper Drawings.

MGT’s Casino Drawing Software (EDRAW®) will make your paper drawings a thing of the past. With EDRAW® your casino guests can electronically deposit their tickets in a virtual drum using a kiosk or a smartphone. The patron will be notified of the drawing outcome on your casino’s choice of delivery method (TV, projector, etc). Running drawings with EDRAW® is secure for you, and transparent for your players.


Open API, Choose the Champs, Promo Apps, C.L.E.R.K., & More.

We offer a variety of software modules that enhance our casino kiosk software and casino drawing software. These modules include: Open API, Choose the Champs, Promo Apps, C.L.E.R.K., Email/Cell Phone Capture, Loyalty Tier Status, and Win/Loss.