Pavlov & Points

Most of us have heard the story of Pavlov’s Bell. Through classical conditioning, he was able to unite an unconditioned stimulus that generated a positive response in his pets with another stimulus to create that same positive response. Marketers have used this philosophy for years in order to build a positive customer opinion of their location or brand. Out of labor and system restrictions, some of these strategies couldn’t be perfected. This brings us to a common casino tactic: automatic floor wide point multipliers. What could be wrong with those you ask? I’m giving my customers a bonus. This has to be positive! Well the biggest question, are your customers even aware? For a stimulus to cause any reaction to associate to your brand, they have to actually know what’s happening! In Pavlov’s case if there was no smell, no unconditioned stimulus exists to build from. In our casinos if I customer is showing up and playing, they don’t necessarily know about the extra points they are receiving. So no positive response! Even worse, if any audit or accounting friends snuck into our Marketing summit here, we are spending money on a customer with no awareness or return on investment! This strategy was a marketing tentpole in casinos for a reason, we had no other choice. Venturing away from floor wide, automatic multipliers took man power and energy the team didn’t have.

This is no longer the case. So today I’m going to show you how we can add the scent back to our marketing….it’s a good thing, I promise. My MGT promotion will utilize our core module, MGT Promo. Let’s hypothetically take a 2x Tuesday Point Multiplier and bring it to the kiosk. Exact same idea as before only on the kiosk (direction on build below). Now for the customer to be rewarded, they have to swipe and make an active choice to participate. Already I can save my property money, by cutting those players who didn’t know anything about the promotion out of the equation. In addition, the customer who choose to participate, actually know they are receiving a multiplier so the positive association can occur.


Already our customer and budget is already positively affected, but we can do even more. If I can take a marketing nerd moment: the effect of our positive reinforcement can lessen over time or “go extinct”. Our current promo is a Fixed Interval (a customer receiving the same thing every Tuesday) it has a higher extinction rate than if we use a variable ratio where the customer doesn’t know exactly the prize to expect. So what if 2x Tuesday Multiplier turns into Tuesday Multiplier? We can add multiple prize choices, some higher and some lower than my 2x multiplier. Maybe even throw in a drawing ticket multiplier for variety. Now I’m able to use the MGT Par Calculator to par out a variety of prizes to make it more cost effective, while still elongating the time my promotion will cause a reaction in my customers. With just a few clicks you can make your points work for you like never before.


Bonus Points: You can tier out these prizes to make it so my players are able to earn multiplier based on their play or lesson exposure of those high level players.