Can I award "Free Slot Play" from the kiosk?
Yes, gateway between the kiosk and your player tracking system allows for a free play adjustment to be made. The kiosk sends the request to the gateway and the PTS gateway handles the manual free play adjustment in the same manner used by marketing.
Can I award a "Point Multiplier" from the kiosk?
Yes, the MGT Point Multiplier prize type queues the multiplying process until the conclusion of gaming day and then multiplies and sends the total point adjustment through the gateway as a manual point adjustment. A 5x Point Multiplier is actually calculated as a 5-1 adjustment in the same way your PTS handles the amount. Point Multipliers can also be ‘capped’ to limit the amount of points a single player can receive on a single day.
Can the kiosk interface with my property POS? ie, Can I award a Free Buffet that can be redeemed right at the Buffet?
Yes, MGT kiosk-issued ticket can be scanned and checked for validity through the additional purchase of a gateway from Micros or Agilysis. This gateway purchase is negotiated separately with the POS company.
Are entries awarded based on bonus points?
No, only on earned points, never on bonus points.
Could I let the kiosks handle my mailer offers?
Yes, you can evaluate players ‘on the fly’ at the kiosks, or import the same lists you generate for the mailing house into a controlled promotion.
Can a player enter their email address at the kiosk?
Yes, an optional email module allows the MGT database to capture an email address and/or a cell phone # from your players. The kiosk can also enroll these players into a promotion as a way of saying ‘thanks’ from the property.
Can a player see their Tier Status at the kiosk?
Yes, current card level, points needed to maintain, points needed to reach the next level along with the date by which this needs to be accomplished can all be displayed at the kiosk.
Does the kiosk work on calendar day or Gaming day?
The kiosk promotions at the kiosk begin and end within a calendar day, however using a player’s gaming activity for additional evaluation operates within the structure of your property gaming day(s).
Can I have a promotion that awards different values of prizes based on card tier level?
Yes, MGT’s “Prize Par Calculator” allows you to reward the right player with the right reward.
Am I limited by how many promotions I can have running at any one time?
No, MGT PROMO® Suite allows you to run an unlimited number of drawings.
How many prizes could a single promotion choose from for an offer?
Any Tier can have as many prizes linked to it that are needed.
Which player tracking systems does MGT interface with?
Aristocrat, Bally, Bravo, Casino Trak, IGT, Konami, and M3
How long is the drawing data stored?
The data is stored according to the properties requirements and data backup schedule.
What comes standard with MGT PROMO®?
MGT Promo Suite includes: Promo Manager, Kiosk Manager, Offer Kiosk, Service Manager to post Points, Comps and Promo Credits, Prize Par Calculator and Excel Report Package.
What comes standard with MGT EDRAW®?
Edraw Suite includes: Edraw Conductor, Edraw Client, Draw Manual Entry Tool and Import Draw Manual Entry.
Does MGT sell kiosks?
No, MGT is primarily a software company. The kiosks your MGT software will run on are manufactured by a separate company, KIS®.
How many kiosks does my casino need?
1 for every 250-300 slots.
Do I have to use a kiosk for delivering promotions and drawings to my customers?
No, MGT’s latest developments allow for players to access promotions, drawings, and account information on slot machines and mobile devices.
Are there other games available to choose from for a kiosk promotion?
Yes, there are 100+ games available for purchase in the MGT Flash Game catalogue.
What is the difference between a “Flash Game” and a “Promo App”?
Promo Game Apps are different than the typical MGT Flash Games. Flash Games are “visual aids” that deliver a prize based on a pre-defined set of rules in the MGT PROMO Manager software. Promo Game Apps are “interactive choices” for the patron and those choices influence the outcome of the promotion and their chance of winning a prize. The Promo App Module is the software tool required to release control of the game to the patron and allow for choices to be made.
What types of flash games are there?
The MGT Flash Catalog is comprised of wheel style games, birthday games, sports themed games, holiday themed games, pick style games, scratch style games, revealer style games, and casino style games. We also offer premium and custom games.
What type of promo apps are there?
We offer the following types of promo app games: pick, guess, instant win, collect, and progressive.
How do I obtain a log in to browse the flash or promo app catalog?
Currently the game catalogs are only viewable by customers, however if you are interested in seeing more games please contact our sales team.
Do I own the flash game/promo app?
Yes, once you have purchased a game, it will be branded with your casino’s logo and can be used as much as and as long as you like and for a variety of promotions.
What are the support hours?
MGT support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Is MGT support outsourced?
No, all of our support team members work locally in our Las Vegas office.
I need help setting up my promotion, what do I do?
Please call MGT 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for any type of support you might need.
Does MGT train on-site?
Yes, MGT will come to your property to both install MGT software and train your staff to use it.
How long is training?
3 days on site.
What sort of return in profits can I expect when I purchase MGT’s software?
Customers typically see a return in profits within 4-6 months of use of our software, depending on the size of the property and intended use.
Can I invest in MGT?
No, MGT is a privately owned family run business.
Why should I choose MGT over another kiosk solution?
The one reason you should choose MGT is because is because we only do one thing: Casino Marketing. This singular focus is reflected in the reliability, functionality, flexibility of the MGT software, and our wide range of integrated products. It is also strongly reflected in the way we provide support. We bring more than 200 years of casino experience, so we know your world and we know the one thing you can’t afford to do is wait. When you call MGT you don't get a phone prompt or talk to someone from another country. You won’t talk to someone who collects basic information and passes you on to the next support level. You’ll talk to a qualified team member who can help you, 24/7.
I ’m interested in learning more about MGT, how do I set up a demo?
You can schedule a demo by selecting "Schedule a Demo" in the drop down menu under "Company".