If You Can Think It, You Can Do It.


Our flagship software (MGT PROMO®) allows casino operators to take control of their promotions. MGT PROMO® is a platform that allows you to create, automate, and schedule all of your current and future promotions. The only limit is your imagination. To learn more about how MGT PROMO® works and how it can be an asset to your casino, continue reading.

​​Less Lines, More Play, With A Single Swipe.

Offer Kiosk:

MGT PROMO® Suite is delivered with the Offer Kiosk application which enables multiple kiosks around your casino to do real-time evaluation and issue instant rewards. With the power of MGT PROMO® Suite you can turn these kiosks into employees that know everything about every player in your database, employees that will issue the right reward to the right player, every time. With our newest developments, MGT ‘s software can also interface with your slot machines, tablets, website, and mobile devices as well as your kiosks.

Making Player Enrollment Easier And Faster.

Controlled Entry Import & KMAN®:

The Controlled Entry Import functionality gives authorized casino employees the ability to upload or “mass enroll” a group of players to a promotion, only this group will be able to see the promotion at the kiosk. A Controlled Entry Import can be very useful when designing promotions directed at a specific group, such as bus tours or VIP events.The software component KMAN® allows authorized casino employees to manually add specific individual players into a promotion. The KMAN® feature can be used for a variety of reasons and promotion types, such as retail purchases and hotel registration.

Turn Entitlement Into Anticipation.

Flash Games and Promo Apps:

Our Flash Games and Promo Apps are an engaging and fun way to deliver your dynamic promotions at the kiosk. Our affordable Flash games can be used as a visual aid to deliver predetermined offers that will create anticipation for your players, while you can be comfortable knowing that behind the scenes the control is still in your hands. The Promo Apps are designed to be persistent promotions that encourage your players to make additional trips by allowing the players to actively make choices to influence the game outcome. MGT customers have access to a catalog containing over 100 flash games and over 10 promo apps, all of which can come branded. Should inspiration strike, our creative team can also create custom games or custom promo apps.

Keeping It Real-Time.

Account Information:

Building your complete and up to date database just got a lot easier. With the power of MGT on your kiosks players can easily access and edit their real-time personal account information (such as email and cell phone number) at your kiosks, all with the swipe of their card. Players can also be notified of their current tier ranking, and what they need to do to reach the next level of rewards.

Your New Personal Assistant.

Service Manager:

At the end of each gaming day, the Service Manager functionality will import all carded slot play from the previous gaming day, process and post all active drawing rules, process and post all queued transactions, and clean up a variety of database records. Essentially the service manager is your behind the scenes conductor, keeping it all together.

Reward The Right Player With The Right Reward.

Prize Par Calculator:

One of the most common problems among casino operators is coming up with a way control their player reinvestment. Everyone wants to make sure the right prizes are being delivered to the right players; MGT’s solution is the Prize Par Calculator. This tool gives you the power to target and control prize distribution and reinvestment of promotional dollars.

Set Goals And Measure Results.


Were confident that MGT will deliver the returns when you invest with us, so we provide a complete library of reports that help you measure your success. Report categories include: marketing, accounting, and management. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we’ll design a new report for you at free of charge.

We’ve Got Your Back.

Installation and Service:

When you choose MGT as your kiosk solution, you’re securing a relationship that lasts past your go-live day. Once our thorough installation process and on-site training is complete, our local help desk support team is here for you 24/7.