Say Goodbye To Paper Drawings.

EDRAW® Module Suite:

MGT’s Casino Drawing Software (EDRAW®) will make your paper drawings a thing of the past. With EDRAW® your casino guests can electronically deposit their tickets in a virtual drum and be notified of the drawing outcome on your casino’s choice of delivery method (TV, projector, etc). Running drawings with EDRAW® is simple, smooth, and secure for you, and transparent for your players. To learn more about how EDRAW® works continue reading.

 Convenient And Secure.

Edraw Conductor and Edraw Client:

With Edraw Conductor casino operators can easily run a drawing from anywhere, on their laptop. Edraw Client allows players to witness the entire drawing process, keeping it all completely transparent from start to finish. Edraw Client also makes it possible for your drawing to be displayed on any video device using any video distribution system or simply connect directly using a VGA or HDMI connection to your video devices throughout your property.

You Make The Rules. You Run The Show.

Drum/Prize Options and Manual Entry Tools:

Edraw’s Drum/Prize Options feature lets casino operators choose the number of contestants, instantly display winners and prizes, and post prizes including slot free play, points, and comps. Manual Entry lets authorized casino staff issue electronic entries manually, this feature has been found to be very useful when players earn bonus entries in table games such as suited blackjack.