Micro Gaming Technologies, Inc. (MGT) is positioned as a fast-paced business in an ever-evolving industry.  We are constantly maneuvering through various technological disruptions to the Gaming Industry.

This posture means that MGT must remain pliable to existing and upcoming business opportunities.  Our “business first principal” will remain the primary emphasis of MGT’s strategic alliance strategy going forward.

However, due to the fact that the marketing & operational initiatives in the gaming space are rapidly evolving, many ancillary companies are also entering the industry.  Thus, MGT has incorporated an Affiliate “due diligence” review process prior to engaging with any third-party vendor.

Affiliate Program – Members:

Affiliates program benefits include:

  • Advertise in MGT’s monthly newsletter.
  • Use the MGT logo.
  • Receive mutually directing links on each businesses’ website.
  • MGT User Group Conference Alignment.
  • Cooperative sales and complete lead sharing consideration.
  • Access to MGT developers and technicians.
  • Access to MGT lab environment for product testing.
  • Access to MGT Support.
  • Product Spotlight on MGT website consideration.
  • Licensed Partner.
  • Product Development Cooperation.
  • Access to enhanced MGT technical specifications and information.
  • Shared MGT Booth Space.
  • Revenue Alignment with MGT.

To become an MGT Affiliate or to find out more please click the links below.

Download the MGT Affiliate Program Outline (pdf)