Since it’s incorporation in 1999, MGT has been designing and developing applications for the casino industry including the company’s flagship product – The MGT Promotional Intelligence Suite (MGT Promo). MGT Promo consists of several integrated computer applications and is the most advanced and dynamic kiosk marketing software in the casino industry. The system evolved by adapting the software to accommodate the requests of casino marketing and management personnel. MGT Promo allows the casino marketing department to easily create and setup virtually any type of promotion including electronic drawings, scratch cards, swipe-to-win, new member bonuses, bounce backs, age or other demographic based promotions. The system operates through an interface to the casino’s player tracking system and touch screen kiosks. When the player swipes their player’s card at the kiosk, the system instantly evaluates the player and determines the right reward from a prize matrix based on the reinvestment rate that was predefined for the players tier in the setup of the promotion. It can immediately print any prize; post points, comps or promotional credits back to the player’s account as well as issue electronic drawing entries, drawing entry multipliers and point multipliers.